Industry-marketing consulting


Itavera has had over 8 years of marketing, sales, and industry consulting. Specializing in the companion animal and equine industries, itavera has launched products, increased sales, organized sponsorships, created marketing programs and built strong relationships within the industry. Itavera has worked with major pharmaceutical companies, small start-up animal health companies, on-line equine industry companies, competition managers and more.

Private Practice consulting


Itavera’s animal health division was founded with the desire to see the veterinary profession employe practices that achieve the greatest standards of care for our patients, while increasing the quality of work/life of our associates, staff and partners, through better business management. Itavera focuses on your specific goals or the specific needs/assessment of your veterinary practice, whether that be in areas of human relations, conflict resolution, inventory management, maximizing software capabilities, financial analysis, projections & budgeting, etc.