Web Applications


Over the last decade, the Internet and the World Wide Web have fundamentally changed the way businesses collect and manage information. Itavera has helped both MIPS Technologies and Infineon Technologies (Siemens Semiconductor spin-off) collect and manage their embedded tool partner on-line catalogs. Where previously, engineers had to order catalogs through the mail, today they can get up-to-date product and services information through the Internet. Itavera developed the on-line content collection systems, and produced the on-line catalogs

E-Commerce, E-Business and Custom Software


There's no business like E-Business, and no sector of the on-line world produces more innovative solutions than E-Commerce web sites. Itavera has developed and maintained the E-Commerce web sites for numerous companies including the Monterey Tools Company and Home Baseball. Using state-of-the-art encryption and secure transaction software, as well as back-end database driven dynamic web sites Itavera has developed some of the finest custom software for E-Commerce.

Design, Consulting and Service


The founders of Itavera are also very active in the Bay Area web developer community. Our CTO was the president of the WebGuild (the Silicon Valley chapter of the Association of Internet Professionals) where he helped coordinate numerous professional networking events and speaker presentations open to all web professionals in the Silicon Valley. Itavera does extensive domain and web hosting services for its clients, with web, mail and domain name servers located at our data center. Itavera uses a large array of web tools, and our infrastructure is based on the best of today's web technology.